The Church on The Rock is a non-denominational, all inclusive, and independent community church, established by the sovereign grace of God to declare, represent, and demonstrate the life, power, and reality of the Kingdom of God, and to prepare a people, made up of men and women from all races and tongues, for the coming millennial kingdom of our Lord Savior Jesus Christ.

We are a people called out by the Lord, to fulfill the calling the Lord has given us, both individually and corporately.

We are standing with many other Christians from around the world, at this critical hour in history, to proclaim boldly and uncompromisingly the sovereignty of our Lord Jesus and the rise of a “Remnant” Church, which strive to remain faithful to the original teachings of the Lord Jesus and His apostles.

We invite you to visit us in Toronto and to fellowship with us.

  • We love all sinners, regardless of who and what they may have been.
  • We love the Lord Jesus, Our precious Savior and Lord, who redeemed us by His blood and gave us the hope and the assurance of eternal life through His resurrection from among the dead
  • We love the word of God, our guide and foundation of faith and practice
  • We love the fellowship of all God’s saints, regardless of their heritage, race, and denominational orientation
  • We love to share our life and story with all people.
  • We love to worship and praise our Marvelous Lord Jesus!
  • We love to give the Holy Spirit supreme authority in the Church.
  • We love the commitment and involvement of all men and women in ministries which have been gifted by the triune God
  • We love to help those in need and to show mercy and compassion to those in pain and sorrow.
  • We love to honor our Heavenly Father in our relationships and daily life.
  • We love to pray and to intercede for each other and for those who need our support.
  • We love to give of our all to the Lord, including our material blessings in order that the word of the Kingdom may reach those who have an ear to hear.
  • We love to teach and to train our children and youth in the ways of the Lord so they may one day stand before the Lord and carry the torch of His testimony until He comes again.
  • We love to celebrate life and rejoice in all that is good, noble, praiseworthy, and uplifting.